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Monday thru Friday 9AM-4PM. 

A little background on Dr. Gayle Burrell

Growing up in Canada but having spent over 35 years in Florida has made me feel officially a Floridian. Being a veterinarian is my second career but was always my first love.  After having worked as a firefighter/paramedic and a part time veterinary technician, my lifelong love of animals and the calling to help them was too strong to ignore.


So with the encouragement of my friends and family, I returned to school to finish my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of South Florida.  I went on to graduate from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1997 and spent two years including an internship at North Carolina State University School of Veterinary Medicine.


Since then I work as a relief veterinarian in many small animal practices, animal shelters, and spay/neuter clinics.  Several years ago I realized the need to help make the end of an animal’s life as peaceful as is possible for everyone and allowing them their last experience to be in the comfort of their home and family.  Most of my career was spent in the Tampa Bay area but most recently I welcomed a new life on the beautiful east coast of Florida with four crazy cats and an incredible cockatoo!


Here I will stay to continue to practice and provide my services as compassionately as I always have.

Some of my animals, current and past.

The ones with me now are treasured, and the ones I have lost will always linger in my memories and hold a place in my heart.

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