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Subject: My Onyx 
Dr.Burrell, Thank you for being our Angel of Mercy to us and to our beloved cat Onyx. I do not have enough words to thank you and say how deeply grateful I am for coming to our home and helping our beloved Onyx to have a Gentle Passing. what love, compassion and respect you gave to him. The past year had been a battle with trying to balance Onyx with his insulin injections. He had so many ups and downs with being a diabetic cat. The thought of going back to the vet to have him on IVs etc was dreadful to us, and more so to my Onyx. You gave us all the time we needed to be with him and talk to him, love him before he passed on. Being able to hold him in my arms on my bed, his favorite place was a beautiful gift to Onyx and myself. Yes, you truly are an Angel of Mercy. God Bless you always.  Sincerely, Melodie Conroy  Ormond Beach, FL.  

Subject: Snookie 
Dr. Burrell—Thank you so much for helping me with the passing of my cat Sookie. You were so thoughtful and made things as easy as they could be. Sookie was 21 years old and she died peacefully in her home. You offer a great and much needed service to pet owners.  Thanks so much, JoAnn S.  

Subject: NIKKI 
I just can't say enough about how wonderful Dr. Burell was with us. We knew that it was time for are Nikki to go but neither one of us wanted to face it... Dr. Burrell endured are hollowering and screaming and are crying to give us the confort we needed in making the desision . I cant thank you enough for your understanding! It's taking us some time to write this testimonial as it was not only hard for us but for are other two dogs. There greiving process was hard on us. I am so thankful for the care and consideration that Dr. Burrell gave us.I highly recomend her careing and her compassion calling. I know that when it comes time again we will be on the phone to her again.thank you again from the bottom of are hearts! Brandy, Richard, Louie and Bell  

Subject: our beloved Sam 
Our 14 year old golden retriever brought us so much joy and happiness. He was truly the best dog ever. He gave so much and asked for very little. His last night our poor boy did not sleep he just paced all night. It was his way of telling us it was time to say good bye. We called Dr. Burrell Saturday morning and she came within an hour. It has to take someone special to be able to do what she does. She was so gentle with Sam and took such care of him as if he was her own. We miss our boy so much and are so grateful to Dr. Burrell for being with us in his last moments. With grateful and sad hearts we thank you.

Subject: Our Angel 
We called on Dr. Burrell at a time when we could hardly speak for weeping because we knew our Angel's time had come. For over twenty-one years she had made us the luckiest people in the world and for twenty of those years she had made her mate Max the luckiest cat.  Dr. Gayle Burrell walked gently into the unluckiest day of our lives and helped us bear what had to be done as she accepted the responsibility of ushering Angel into the next realm. Our Angel left without fear and with her huge dignity intact, looking as beautiful as a young cat. In fact, she looked like the cat version of Sleeping Beauty. I'm sure she will wake one day when we come to her.We will forever be grateful to this wonderful doctor for doing what had to be done with so much tender, loving care. Vince and Elena Valva  August 2012

Subject: Maggie 
Last weekend I said goodbye to a loyal friend. My 18 year old Chow, Maggie, transitioned to the place where all our furr friends go to wait for us. We were assisted by Dr. Burrell from "Gentle Pet Passings". I can't thank her enough for being there for us during Maggies last few days. And when the time came, she came here to Maggies home where she could be put peacefully to sleep in her own bed. If you or someone you know has a furr friend that is struggling, I can't say enough great things about this angel of a Doctor and her services. I will miss my Magster, we had alot of great years together. She was always there for me and I hope I honored her as much for letting her go with love, dignity, and without pain. Bye Maggie Mae, you'll live in my heart forever!  

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