Monday thru Friday 9AM-4PM.
Monday thru Friday 9AM-4PM. 




Find a quiet and comfortable place for both you and your pet such as a favorite room or their bed. Outside is also fine if that is most comfortable for everyone.


Pick out a blanket or sheet you would like them to lie on keeping in mind that it is not uncommon for them to soil their bedding once they are relaxed.  I also provide blankets and pads .

Friends and family are also welcome to be there as are other pets.


I leave it up to the parents to decide if children should be present.  In my experience very young children have difficulty understanding and even if they are not particularly attached to the pet, they can easily get caught up in the emotions of the experience and those around them.



I will arrive as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible.  I will be dressed casually, no scrubs or lab coats.


I will spend some time with both you and your pet and make sure that you are comfortable with your decision.


There is a little paperwork to take care of before we proceed.  This includes just some basic information and your signature for permission to euthanize which also states that your pet has not bitten anyone in the last 14 days.


You will also have your choice of aftercare (see below)


Your pet will then receive a small injection of medication that will produce an anesthesia sleep within 5-10 minutes while you pet and talk to them.  You can leave the room for the final injection if you prefer or you can be with or hold your pet during the entire procedure.  This is a very personal decision and there is no right or wrong one.


Once your pet is asleep, the final injection is given intravenously.  They will not know or feel anything at this point and quickly and quietly slip away in their sleep.   They will not appear any differently than when they were sleeping.


You are welcome to spend as much time as you need with your pet before I leave.



Your choice of aftercare is a very personal one.  There are three options to choose from.  All of my services can include a clay paw print shadow box with a place for a picture at no charge.  I will make the imprint while there and leave it with you.  Extra ones can be purchased.


Cremation is performed by a licensed pet crematory. I will respectfully transport your pet for you wrapped in a soft blanket in my vehicle unless you have made other arrangements.


PRIVATE CREMATION - This includes your pet being cremated alone and the return of only their ashes.  You may elect to have one of several urns that are included in the basic price, or you may choose from a variety of specialized urns from the brochure I will show you.  Whichever you decide, the ashes are returned to me and I will personally return them to you as soon as possible.


COMMUNAL  CREMATION - This is not an individual cremation and does not include the return of ashes.


HOME BURIAL - I will leave your pet with you to make whatever arrangements you like.

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