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Subject: Beanie 

February 6, 2015

Dear Dr. Burrell,


Thank you for helping us make this difficult time much easier for Mac and I. Our decision to send Beanie on to a better place came after much thought and prayer.  Holding my loyal companion of 17 years and cradling him in my arms until the end was the kindest, gentlest and most compassionate experience I have ever had in all my years as a pet owner. Finding you was a blessing for both Beanie and myself. 


Sylvia Roy McCormick
Edgewater, FL.

Subject: Kailua 
On 7-2-14, Dr. Burrell came to our home so our Kaluha wouldn't be stressed with a trip to the vet.  She was so caring and compassionate, and she made this dreaded moment so peaceful for our boy.  I greatly appreciate her offering her services and I would recommend her to anyone in need.  Thank you so much Dr. Burrell.. Chris and Lori 

Subject:  Squidgy 
My beautiful 18-year old cat, Squidgy, had been declining rapidly the past few weeks, but I just couldn't decide if it was time to let her go.  Dr. Burrell came out this morning and assured me I was making the right decision, and that took a huge weight off my shoulders.  I have never been present when one of my cats was euthanized, and it's never been done at home.  Dr. Burrell was so calming, and she made it very peaceful for both Squidgy and me.  I was able to sit and pet her on 'our' bed until the end, and I will always cherish that memory.  I am so glad I saw Gentle Pet Passings' ad in the newspaper, and highly recommend Dr. Burrell's services.  Thank you so much.  Sharon Estes, Ormond Beach, 6/11/14 

Subject: Tasha 
Dear Dr. Burrell, I am not the least bit surprised by all the beautiful notes of gratitude shared on your website. I and my family would also like to thank you for everything you did to help us complete the difficult decision to put our beloved Tasha to rest. We'd like to add the fact that we had to call you on a Sunday, and though you were out of town, you immediately changed your plans to come to our aide within only a couple of hours. You gave us excellent advise on how to care for our 14 year old girl until your arrival. As you sat on the floor with all of us, caring not only for Tasha, but also my entire family and our other dogs, I felt a sense of assurance I could not have anticipated. When I asked to leave the room after the initial "sleep phase" of Tasha's passing, you handled the situation perfectly..........and still kept me fully involved through your understanding words and actions. A few days later I received a sympathy card from Tasha's regular vet of 13 years, showing me you kept your commitment to notify them and save me that difficult task as well. We in Ormond-By-The-Sea asre so very fortunate to have your services available to us. Best Regards, Barb Foley, Terry and Sara  

Subject: My best friend, Charlie xo 
 Thank you, Dr. Burrell, for being there for Charlie and me at a time when we both desperately needed your help!  Charlie, my best friend, a twelve year old sixty pound Dalmatian that I adopted five and a half years ago, was having a terrible time with his mobility.  Advanced arthritis along with a loss of use of his hind legs and incontinence came upon us so quickly.  I hated to admit it to myself, but that dreaded time was coming much quicker than I wanted it to.  I knew I couldn't be selfish...I wanted to keep him forever!  He was stressed out and knew that he was not able to get around.  It was absolutely heart breaking to watch him struggle.  I knew the time had come, but I was still struggling with the decision. I found Dr. Burrell's website and knew after many prayers and reading the other reviews that this was a good road to pursue.  I called Dr. Burrell and she patiently and so kindly discussed Charlie's situation with me for what seemed to be hours!  I was so hesitant, called only to cancel...and then called again...and then cancelled...and then Dr. Burrell called me back and said she would come to see us both and evaluate the situation.  That was an absolute answer to my prayers.  I needed courage and professional guidance with what was the most difficult decision of my life.  Charlie has been by my side with devoted and unconditional love for so many good times along with tough times. Just his being by my side always got me through!  While on the very same blanket I took him home from the shelter with and while eating treats, Charlie was licking and "kissing" Dr. Burrell's hand as if to say "thank you for helping me", Charlie peacefully closed his eyes and just went to sleep.  He is an absolute Angel, and has now joined all of the other furry Angels that we all love and miss so terribly, but will be joined together with some day!  Thank you, Dr. Burrell, for your kindness, patience, understanding, and gentle presence making a most awful time more peaceful and bearable.  I don't know how I would have done it without you!  With heartfelt and sincerest gratitude, Gina Rapone P.S.  See you on the other side, are and always will be the love of my life!!!  Xoxo

Dear Dr. Burrell:  
It’s been a week that our beloved Harley has left our side but never our lives. I truly want to thank you for being such a kind, gentle and compassionate person. I still can’t believe how Harley had no idea what was before him. He passed away gently and without a fuss and is now resting in peace. I still see before me how peaceful he looked in your car with that lovely patchwork quilt wrapped around him. Harley gave us nothing but love, devotion and many laughs which we will always cherish. We have gone through all out pictures and now plan to make a Harley album. It’s so hard to make these decisions but when you see your beloved pet slipping and his quality of life deteriorating we know in our hearts it was the right thing to do for Harley. I am so sorry for the loss of your pet bird after 22 years. It has to be equally as hard for you especially when you must be comforting others for their loss. Again, thank you for all the comfort and peace that you gave to Jerry and I. Fondly, Marilyn and Jerry Cavanau 

Subject: "T.J." 
I am so grateful for Dr. Burrell for coming when I called her about our 19-yr-old cat, "T.J." He was dying and she was gently and compassionately able to help him relax and make his transition. Having her come to our home was so much better than having to go to a clinic for "T.J."'s final moments. Thank you so much for this wonderful service you provide, Dr. Burrell. 

Subject: Chelsea 
Dr. Burrell,Thank you so much for your caring and compassion. Losing my Chelsea after being together for 14 years was very sad. You helped so much by coming to the house so she could pass in familiar calm surroundings. Chelsea knew she was loved to the end and beyond. She will be missed. You helped us all. Thank you and God Bless. Sandy

Subject: Appreciation for your caring professionalism 
As a minister I appreciate the special balance of compassion and professionalism Dr. Burrell brings to this vulnerable time. We benefited from being able to keep our pet comfortable in his home during his final moments. I am very pleased we chose her to support us at this time.  Rev. Murphy 

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